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Charting a new course

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From the moment that pregnancy test is positive (or negative), the journey is full of twists and turns and emotions that we often aren’t ready for. And once your amazing bundle of joy arrives, you realize that being a mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs out there. No matter if you are a mom who is working, staying at home, single or married, each day is full of new challenges that can feel overwhelming, unmanageable, and discouraging. Between mom guilt, the pressure society (and Pinterest) puts on you to be the “perfect mom” and your never ending to-do list, it may feel like you’ll be stuck in the struggle forever. Motherhood and its journey can often feel isolating, like you are the only one who can feel joy, anxiety, sadness, excitement and even anger in the same day, and sometimes even the same minute. The good news is, you are not alone! Everything you feel is valid and you deserve to not feel shame and doubt while navigating these ever changing seasons!

As women we often have this Instagram worthy, perfect and linear idea about what the journey to becoming a mom and being a mom looks like, but here in reality- motherhood is anything but. 

Whether you are in the middle of an infertility journey, in the throes of the newborn stage, adapting to life with toddlers, expanding your family, or just trying to figure out who you are as a woman and not just as a mom, I am here to support you, encourage you, and help you feel empowered and in control of your life.

I have training, experience, and a passion for walking with women through all stages of motherhood.

You’re pregnant! Now what? After the initial shock and excitement wears off, you might not know what to do next. Questions about miscarriages, birth plans, pregnancy hormones, changes in your body, parenting fears and complications can flood your mind and make it hard to shift and enjoy this time with your growing baby. Not to mention planning for postpartum and figuring out how to set boundaries with people who often have the best of intentions. Let me be your sounding board! Ask questions, prep for doctors appointments, rehearse boundary setting conversations and figure out how to best experience all these emotions authentically as the next nine months drag and fly by at the same time. 

Pregnancy Support 

You can read every book, watch every movie and talk to every mother you know… nothing will ever make you feel truly ready for that slow, cautious drive home to parent your child for the first time outside of the hospital. Postpartum is like a maze that continually changes, from PPA & PPD and navigating the feeding journey with lack of sleep to coping with birth trauma, discovering who this new version of you is and the sudden shift that happens in all your relationships. I can be your anchor point to work through the feelings, the stress and the unknown that each day brings while also trying to establish routines, self-care and coping skills to be the best mother and woman you can be. 

Postpartum Support 

Struggling to become pregnant when you so desperately want to become a mother is one of the most painful feelings in the world. Watching your friends get pregnant while you are longing for a child often feels unfair, lonely, and disconnecting. As the sinking feeling from the latest negative test creeps in, you can find yourself feeling hopeless and alone. My goal and hope is that you will find a comfortable space in my office to sit and sift through the rollercoaster of often conflicting feelings that come with the heartbreak. I will hold onto hope with and for you and I will help you identify ways to cope with all of your emotions. 

Infertility Support 

Often spoken of only behind closed doors and hushed tones, fertility treatment is the stressful reality and uncertain next step for many women on the journey to grow their family. Whether you are taking additional hormones, pursuing IUI, IVF, or are involved in donor conception, it’s an overwhelming and complicated process! Between the countless doctors appointments, medications, out of control hormones and everyone telling you to “just relax”- your body and life can feel like they are not your own. I want our time together to be a haven of support for you to express every reaction and feeling that comes with this tedious process while finding your footing to cope with the stresses you are experiencing. 

Fertility Treatment Support 

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