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There’s no room for judgment here and every therapist on our team approaches counseling in a supportive, yet proactive way- no smiling and nodding here! We are going to jump into the weeds with you and help you learn practical skills and tools that you can employ in your day to day life. We want you to feel empowered, confident and comfortable handling all of the curve balls life throws your way! Unfortunately, we can't stop them from coming your way, but we will make sure that you are not facing them alone! The therapists at Anchored are going to meet you where you are and work collaboratively with you to make sure that you are making progress towards your goals. We are going to support you, challenge you, be real with you, and most importantly, empower you! We're all about making therapy fit into your life and offer virtual sessions across North Carolina and Tennessee. All of the therapists at Anchored have received extensive training in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International. Ready to dive in? Check out our bios below to learn more about our amazing team!

Welcome to Anchored Counseling Services! If you’ve looked around on our page at all, you can probably tell we aren’t just your average therapists. We are a team of moms who are passionate about helping women (especially moms) feel empowered and in control of their lives and their mental health. 

Stephanie Farmer, LCMHC, PMH-C

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Katie Boulware, LCSW 

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Owner and Therapist


Not accepting new clients. Offers Telehealth in North Carolina and Tennessee

Accepting new clients. Offers Telehealth in North Carolina

Syd Banks, LCSW

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Accepting new clients. Offers Telehealth in North Carolina

Hi I'm Katie,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have been practicing in NC for almost a decade. I received my Master's degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte in 2015, and since then have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients including children and adults in medical and private practice settings.

Though I have enjoyed working with a variety of clients, I have a passion for and love working with women. As a mom of two young children, I understand firsthand how hard it can be to take the time for you (this is true regardless of if you are a mom or not!), and I am honored that you've chosen to invest in yourself here. I do not take that lightly, and look forward to working together to determine practical tools that create lasting impact and change. I am grateful for every opportunity to partner with women of all ages, stages, and walks of life as they navigate the many curve balls that are thrown at us with extra kindness, grace, and more resilience. 

Hi I'm Syd,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hey There! I’m Syd Banks, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of North Carolina. I received my Master of Social Work degree from the Joint Master of Social Work Program at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCATSU) and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 2020. Since then, I have worked alongside diverse client populations, including children, adolescents, and their parents within their home environment and inpatient settings. This experience has helped me to understand the importance of secure attachment, responsiveness, and nurturing relationships within parent-child relationships, and family systems. Working with children and adolescents has taught me the significance of meeting people where they are to reach them.

While this work has been rewarding, I have realized that we, sometimes, do not hold in mind those that are putting in the work! With that said, ladies, how are you? How is your heart? Some of us are so accustomed to saying “I’m okay”, but what does that even mean? I am committed to providing women such as yourself, compassionate, individualized, and relatable care, to work through and make sense of the emotional challenges we experience in womanhood, whatever that looks like for you. As a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) therapist, I prioritize comfort and safety as I understand that we come into every space with our personal experiences, identities, values, and views. Listen, I get it, it is not easy reaching out for help when you’re in the middle of ‘it’ so I applaud you for taking this huge step. I hope our paths cross and we can walk on your journey to heart work and healing together. 

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